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Many people have a first aid kit on hand. Many more probably have an idea of where to find first aid supplies scattered around their home in various places. But a dental emergency can be especially disorienting, and when one happens to you, you don’t want to hunt around the house to find what you need to manage the problem. You should have a dental first aid kit on hand. But what should go into it?

A toothbrush, a toothpick and dental floss are useful for removing something trapped in your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide can be used to clean an injury, as can a mixture of water and salt. If you are bleeding, sterile gauze or a moist tea bag can help control it. Ibuprofen, aspirin, or a topical pain reliever can help manage the pain, as can a cold pack, which is also useful for reducing swelling. Fillings and crowns can fall out. You can use a temporary filling material for a lost filling, and dental cement can hold a loose crown in place until you can see our dentist here in Chincoteague, VA, and the Eastern Shore of VA. If you lose a tooth, you can keep it alive in a tooth-preserving solution.

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