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If you are considering the placement of a dental bridge to regain a missing tooth, it’s important to know how to care for this dental restoration. While dental bridges are very durable pieces of dental work that can last a long time, if they ever come loose, it’s important to act right away.

The dental bridge is attached to two adjacent teeth to support the appliance and create a strong bond between the bridge and mouth. However, instances of poor oral hygiene or oral trauma could cause the connection between tooth and bridge to weaken, causing the bridge to become loose and even fall out.

We encourage you to contact our office immediately if you need to have a loose dental bridge examined at Morrison Dental Group here Chincoteague, VA, or the Eastern Shore of VA. While you should visit the dentist right away, if this isn’t possible, take steps to prevent the bridge and tooth from becoming damaged further.

Never wiggle or play with a loose dental bridge, or else this could damage the abutment. If only the dental adhesive was lost because of trauma or poor oral hygiene, our dentist may be able to simply re-cement the dental bridge and keep your smile strong. However, if the abutment is damaged, the natural tooth may need to undergo more advanced treatment, like root canal treatment, to restore the underlying tooth structure.

If oral trauma resulted in blood or debris around the tooth, rinse your mouth with lukewarm salt water. Allow our trained dental team to handle any further cleaning procedures to protect your tooth.

If you are in need of proper dental bridge care in Chincoteague, VA, or the Eastern Shore of VA, contact our office at 757-336-1260 today to schedule an appointment with our team of professionals right away.