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Smile restorations are ideal when a cavity or other oral health ailments threaten your smile. Dental crowns are extremely effective for several different restorations needs. Morrison Dental Group here in Chincoteague, VA, or the Eastern Shore of VA, offers dental crowns as plan to positive oral health depending on your unique needs.

Dental crowns are intended to restore, protect, or act as a tooth. If your tooth suffers from severe sensitivity, an oddly shaped or discolored tooth, or extensive cavities, a dental crown may be needed. Dental crowns can be used to restore the tooth and make it appear natural in both shape and size. Dental crowns can also be ideal for keeping a broken tooth together or protecting your tooth if a filling is too big or weak.

If you have a dental implant, a dental crown can be used as the final piece to restore your oral health, making your implant appear as a natural tooth. Dental crowns have many different purposes, with a long history of success, which is why your dentist may be recommending this course of action for you.

If you have questions about your oral health, please call our office here in Chincoteague, VA, or the Eastern Shore of VA, today at 757-336-1260 to set up an appointment. Our office takes your oral health care seriously and is happy to address any of your questions or needs.