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As you no doubt already know, dentures can dramatically improve your smile by replacing missing or damaged teeth. If you are debating about whether dentures are right for you, we encourage you to consider these lesser-known benefits of dentures here in Chincoteague, VA and Eastern Shore of Virginia. These benefits include:

1. Dentures improve face shape. When teeth are knocked out or extracted, the facial muscles lose support and the cheeks begin to sag. This can change your appearance and cause you to look older. Dentures restore the missing support, lifting your cheeks and improving facial shape.

2. Dentures preserve your bite and tooth alignment. Gaps in your smile allow surrounding teeth to shift out of place to cover the open spaces. Not only does this result in a crooked-looking smile, it can change and weaken your bite alignment, resulting in additional dental problems such as jaw pain and an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Dentures replace large gaps in your teeth, preventing the remaining natural teeth from shifting around.

3. Dentures improve your speech. Without teeth to brace against, your tongue struggles to properly articulate speech, resulting in slurred or lisping words. Dentures provide the support and stability your mouth needs to speak clearly.

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