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If you have a toothache, then we have exciting news for you! Our dental team here at Morrison Dental Group wants to help you treat it, so we are providing you with this basic information on how to treat a toothache properly.

The first thing to do at the sign of a toothache is to call our dental office and make an appointment as soon as possible. That is so your dentist can discover the cause of a toothache and get the proper care and treatment you need to restore your smile. In the meantime, one thing you can on your own at home is to clean out your teeth and the painful area with lukewarm water. This is an important thing to do in case there is something stuck between your gums and tooth causing the pain.

Other treatments you can do on your own is to use a cold compress or ice to numb the pain as you await your appointment with the dentist. Various treatment options could include antibiotics if there is an infection, draining the infected area, a simple dental crown, a dental filling, or even a root canal if needed.

As you can see, there are things you can do to help with your pain. If you need further assistance or would like to come in for a dental check-up, please call us today at 757-336-1260 to make an appointment. Our friendly and professional dental team is happy to help you. We are pleased to be able to help our patients in Chincoteague, Chincoteague Island, and Eastern Shore of Virginia, VA.