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What is a malocclusion? A malocclusion is a misalignment within your mouth caused by improperly fitted teeth or a misaligned jaw line. Thanks to modern technology, malocclusions can be fixed with orthodontic treatments to give you a straighter smile. Listed below are some of the most common types of malocclusions:

Incisor Malocclusions:

– Underbites, also called bulldog teeth, are caused when your lower incisors stick out past your upper incisors.

– Misplaced midlines are caused when your upper incisors fail to align with your lower incisors.

– Overbites, also called buck teeth, are caused when your upper incisors stick out past your lower incisors.

– Deep bites, also called closed bites, are severe forms of overbites.

– Open bites are caused when your upper and lower incisors failed to connect when biting down.

Miscellaneous Malocclusions:

– Crossbites are caused when your lower jawbone sticks out past your upper jawbone.

– Transposition malocclusions are caused with teeth erupt above the gum line in the wrong space.

– Rotation malocclusions are caused when teeth are not in their proper location and position.

– Spacing malocclusions include overcrowded teeth, too many teeth, and irregular gaps between teeth.

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